I Need a Website for my Small Business – What to do?

So you need a website for your small business. Here’s the 3 next steps: choose a domain name, identify your website’s goals and get in touch with us to start building it.

Step 1. Choose a domain name

You want a name that ends with .com. If the name of your company is “My Small Business LLC” and you are located in Boston, try to see if names like mysmallbusiness.com, mysmallbusinessofboston.com are available. Follow these simple rules to pick a name:

  • A short name is better than a long one.
  • Always include the name of your company.
  • Do not include suffixes like LLC, LTD, etc.
  • Do not include dashes, as in my-small-business.com
  • It’s OK to include the location of your business, like mysmallbusinessofboston.com (city) or mysmallbusinessny.com (state abbreviation).
  • It’s OK to include the nature of your business, like mysmallbusinesscrafts.com or mysmallbusinessfinancials.com.

You can use this form to check whether a name is available:

Step 2. Identify your website’s goals

Your website is your online business card to perspective customers. What are you trying to communicate to them? Directions? Phone numbers? A products show-case?

Identify a list of features that you would want your website to have. Some of these features might include:

  1. A list of pages that you think your website will need. For example, you might want a list of products and services page, a contact page and a home page.
  2. How visitors are going to use the site. Can they register and post content on the site?  Can they buy your products online? Try to be specific and think of every possible scenario.
  3. Engagement contents. Will the website display real time news? Will it have an option for people to share your content on social media? Will people be able to sign-up to a newsletter?

Step 3. Let us build it for you!

At MasseranoLabs we’d love to help you create a website for your small business that suits your needs and meets your budget. Ask us for an estimate and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

In your project’s description simply include:

  1. A short description for each page that you think your website will need.
  2. Details about images, product lists, logos or other content that will be added to the website. Will you be providing the content or will it need to be created?
  3. Any other feature that you might want the website to have.

In summary

Register a domain name, decide the goals of your website, get building. It doesn’t take long to do either of these steps, and the sooner you start, the sooner your business will be available to the millions of people that are connected online.

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