8 Ways to Drastically Increase Pageviews on Your Website

How do you get more people to your site? Here’s a few tips to boost your website’s traffic and rank.

1. Focus on Keywords

Format your pages and your content around target keywords by researching what keywords are popular for your topic. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner can help you find the most popular (or least competitive) search terms for a particular topic. Focus on keywords that have a low competition rate, which dramatically boosts your chances of being ranked in higher positions.

Place the keywords in the URL of your page, in your header tags and in your main content. Don’t spam the page with keywords, that will not work. Create great content that people will enjoy reading and that revolves around your target keywords.

2. Blog More

If you don’t have a blog, install one using WordPress or open an account on Medium. Every post you write that is relevant to the products or services that you are selling becomes an potential doorway to your actual site. If you write a blog post every week for a year, you will have 52 new pages that will be indexed by search engines. When people read your blog, they are likely to also visit your main site.

3. Post Frequently on Social Media

When you post new content to your website, announce it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Use images and videos in your contents, ask for interactions from your community of followers and post material relevant to your keywords (even if it comes from an external source). Social media can be a great source for increasing pageviews. Try to actively engage on social media by posting a few times a day (or at least a few times a week).

4. Do E-mail Marketing

To increase pageviews, an e-mail campaign is also a valuable tool. Setup a subscription form, offer something of value to incentive sign-ups (5% off at checkout, an exclusive guide, etc.) and regularly send interesting content via e-mail. Remember, your content must be interesting, or you will just spam your users’ inboxes.

5. Provide Share Buttons

Invite your users to share your page and work to make this process as easy as possible. Make sure your website is using the OpenGraph tags properly so that your link is displayed nicely when it’s shared on social media.

6. Add Links to Related Content

When people enter your website, your first goal is to provide them with the high quality content they seek. Your second goal is to keep them interested for other relevant content. If a person stays on your website and clicks on 4 different pages, that counts as 4 pageviews!

7. Proof Read and Spell Check

As obvious as it sounds, nothing turns away visitors more than a page full of errors. Use a spell checker and ask somebody to proof read your pages.

8. Break up a Long Post

People mostly look for concise information. If you have a very long post, consider breaking it up in smaller sub-topics or divide it in multiple parts. Then link the parts together. This will increase your pageviews.

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