UX Design

UX Design

Our Process

Product Analysis

We examine your business goals and scan your solution for potential usability problems. Then we advise you on what improvemens could be performed.


We give you multiple options that fit your goals and budget requirements.

Visual Design

We create or adjust the user interface, choose fonts, images and icons to project a pleasant experience.

Path Simplification

We look at your target goals and run analytics tools to identify how users are interacting with your solution. Then we simplify those interactions to increase conversion rates.

Usability Testing

We analyze how users interact the solution and take note of the difficult parts. We fix those parts and repeat as long as necessary.

Speed Enhancements

We run profiling tools to identify the areas that could be improved for speed and perform those optimizations.

Goal Monitoring

We constantly look at analytics data to draw conclusions on the effectiveness of the design. We make changes until the target goals are achieved.

Ongoing Support

We continue to improve the design, monitor its effectiveness, research new ways to simplify interactions and generate monthly reports on the results.