Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Our Process

Problem Analysis

We talk to you to understand the problem and we advise you on what app strategies work best for your specific case.


There's multiple ways to solve a problem, but not every solution fits the budget: we give you multiple options that fit your goals and budget requirements.

Design Phase

We create wireframes for the user interface, study use-cases and work closely with you to make sure that the app reflects your vision. We iterate this step as long as necessary.
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Build Process

We add back-end functionality, following the industry's best practices so that the app is easy to maintain and expand.

Test Phase

We perform exhaustive tests, including usability testing, stress testing and boundary testing to discover difficult interactions or faulty behaviors. We fix the errors and repeat as long as necessary.

Speed Enhancements

We run profiling tools to identify the areas that could be improved for speed and perform those optimizations.

Client Approval

We send you the app so that you can perform your own testing. We take your feedback and modify the app if necessary.
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Store Delivery

We help you publish the app to mobile app stores, create descriptions, icons and assets. We optimize the keywords for your app so that it reaches the largest number of customers.

Ongoing Support

We keep up with mobile updates that might break the app and release updates for it. Think of it as an app insurance. We also respond to users reviews and actively engage with the social media community to promote your app.